Workshop Details

Every Monday in Richards 254 at 8pm, we have a workshop run in conjunction with the Electric Racing and IEEE clubs. Below is the list of workshops this semester along with dates and short descriptions. Absolutely no experience is required. Please sign up using the big blue buttons!

  • Jan 22 - Yagi Antenna Build

    In this workshop, you will build a fully functional directional yagi antenna using PVC piping and cut up tape measures! This serves as an excellent introduction to radio and antenna design.
  • Jan 29 - Schematic Capture

    Learn how to design a schematic using KiCAD software. Designing a schematic of a circuit is the first step in developing a circuit board. This workshop begins our series on PCB development. You will leave the workshop having drawn a pre-engineered schematic for use in the PCB design workshop.
  • Feb 5 - SPICE Circuit Simulation

    Using the schematic you designed in the previous workshop, you will learn how to simulate the circuit using SPICE software. This will allow you to test your circuit before you build it!
  • Feb 12 - PCB Design with KiCAD

    This workshop will take you through the process of designing a printed circuit board. You'll learn about the different types of component footprints, layers, routing, traces and more! No previous workshop attendance is needed.
  • Feb 19 & 22 Intro to soldering

    Learn an essential electrical engineering skill, soldering! We provide all of the materials and a custom instructional circuit that you will assemble and test! Uses the much easier to solder "through hole" components. Note: the February 22nd session is held in our club space at 503 Hayden Hall.
  • Feb 26 - Advanced Soldering

    While through hole components may be good enough for hobby projects, most modern devices use SMD aka "surface mount" components. You will once again build a custom circuit, this time with SMD components!
  • Mar 11 - Embedded Development

    Embedded devices are everywhere today. In this workshop you will implement some simple code on a wireless club custom embedded board using a variety of protocols.
  • Mar 18 - Make your own RF Network

    Expanding on the embedded platform, this workshop allows you to create a custom RF link between two embedded devices for high speed data transfer not using wifi or bluetooth!
  • Mar 25 - Electronics Troubleshooting

    Despite your best efforts, your beautifully designed board might not be working right. Let our expert troubleshooter Marty teach you how to fix it all!