What is the Lab?

The Wireless Club lab is a space made for electronics experimentation and ham radio. It contains tons of tools and supplies to build almost any electrical engineering project imaginable. We meet as a club in our lab weekly at 7pm on Thursdays, but dedicated members can have 24/7 access to the space for whatever projects they'd like.

Lab Location

Our lab is located at Hayden Hall 503. The easiest way to find it is to take the elevator in the main entrance (east facing) to the 4th floor. Walk left to the second staircase you see, and take that up to the 5th floor. Our lab is on the right at the top of the stairs. If you have trouble finding it, just send a message on slack and we'll help you!

Obtaining Door Code Access

Club members who have attended at least three meetings in the Hayden lab space may apply for a door code. This requires a $10 nonrefundable due, as well as a written agreement to lab policies. Sign up for a door code, and view the lab policies below.

Images of our lab